in order to establish a normative system for enterprise intellectual property work, conscientiously implement the "national intellectual property strategy outline", strengthen the guidance of enterprise intellectual property work, guide and help enterprises to further strengthen the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property rights, and enhance the ability of independent innovation , realize the scientific management and strategic use of intellectual property rights, and improve the competitiveness of the international and domestic markets. since march 2017, our company has implemented the requirements of the strategic outline into the daily production and management work.

the principals of various departments and members of the intellectual property management department jointly attended the meeting.

with the active attention of our general manager mr. zhang and all employees of the company earnestly implementing the work, our company successfully passed the intellectual property standard implementation audit in october 2017 and obtained the certification! through this certification, all employees of our company have a better understanding of the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property rights, and make us more confident to provide customers with safe, reliable and high-precision products and solutions!

rion technology always regards the implementation of intellectual property management norms as an important work content, and strives to build and cultivate intellectual property advantageous enterprises. as early as the beginning of the certification, our company has carried out comprehensive and systematic intellectual property knowledge management training for all employees to improve their awareness of intellectual property rights, strengthen their awareness of confidentiality, and improve their innovation capabilities. in 2017, the implementation of intellectual property standards was started. by continuing to improve our company's intellectual property management norms and work flow construction in the r&d and design, procurement, sales, production and other links of electronic electricians and instruments, the establishment and operation of procedural and institutionalized , standardized and systematic intellectual property management system. the certification of the national intellectual property management system will further improve the intellectual property management level of rion technology, effectively stimulate innovation vitality and enhance market competitiveness.

in the future, rion technology will make persistent efforts to create greater glories!

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