rion gp206t

beidou gps positioning and orientation board

full-system multi-frequency high-precision rtk board, which can be used as a mobile station or base station

support bds b1/b2 gpsl1/l2 glonass l1/l2 galileo e1/e5b

46x71mm compact board, interface compatible with mainstream boards, weight 21g

positioning and simultaneous output, data output rate above 20hz

rtk re-capture speed within 1s, support hot start

when used as a mobile station, the differential input rtcm format is adaptively recognized without specifying a differential data input type. supporting network functions, supporting chihiro sdk.

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product description

the gp206t is a new generation of compact, high-precision multi-frequency receive positioning and orientation system for the uav, driving test and intelligent driving. it supports full-system multi-frequency rtk positioning and orientation and can be used as a mobile station or base station. the gp206t can simultaneously track multi-frequency points such as b ds b1/b2 gps l1/l2 glonass l1/l2 galileo e1/e5b sbas/qszz.the gp206t uses the new generation of high-performance gnss soc chips from nephis-ii, which integrates two arm processors and a dedicated dual-floating processor to perform baseband and rtk solution functions on a single chip. focusing on the use of high-precision products in complex environments such as urban blocks, shades and bridges, the new generation of ugypsophila rtk processing technology developed by rion technology makes full use of high-performance data sharing in nebulas-ii chips. the ability to fully optimize the multi-dimensional rtk matrix pipeline calculation, the rtk processing capability is enhanced by more than 80%, and the directional solution of more than 25 dual-antenna satellites and the re-capture time within 1 s can be realized.rion technology integrates on-board mems chip and u-fusion integrated navigation algorithm to effectively solve the problem of positioning result interruption caused by satellite signal loss, and further optimizes the positioning of directional output in complex environments such as buildings, tunnels and viaducts. continuity and reliability. this manual is suitable for the double beidou positioning orientation board gp206t, indicating its technical status, technical indicators and user interface.

scope of application

radar, antenna north reference

hna navigation

navigation system initial value alignment


system accuracy

directional accuracy

0.2° (1σ, satellite signal is good, baseline length ≥1m)

frequency point

bds b1/b2;gps l1/l2 ;glonass l1/l2;galileo e1/e5b*

single point positioning accuracy (rms)

single point plane: 1.5m (good satellite signal)

single point elevation: 3m (good satellite signal)

dgps accuracy (rms)

single point plane: 0.4m (good satellite signal)

single point elevation: 0.8m (good satellite signal)


rtk positioning

accuracy (rms)

single point plane: 1cm 1ppm (good satellite signal)

single point elevation: 1.5cm 1ppm (good satellite signal)

vertical: ± (20 1 × 10 - 6 × d) mm

timing accuracy

gps 20ns

bds 20ns

gps bds 15ns

speed measurement accuracy








rtk initialization time

<5s (baseline length <20km)

initialization reliability: > 99.9%

e-rtk initialization

(baseline length <100km)

rtk initialization time: <1s

(baseline length <100km)

initialization reliability: > 99.9%



cold start


warm start


hot start


signal recapture


interface characteristics

interface mode


baud rate

115200bps (default)

electrical parameters

supply voltage

12vdc rated(11~36vdc)

rated power


environmental parameters

operating temperature

-40℃~ 75℃

storage temperature

-45℃~ 85℃


95% no condensation

physical characteristics

physical size



≤200g (without antenna and cable)

i/o interface

5-pinaviation plug

data update rate

raw data update rate






protocol format



size description

  • shell size


  • installation size


  • mounting screws

    4 m3 screws

specifications and software

* please contact the online sales engineer to obtain the product specification of rion, or email sales@rion-tech.net to obtain it.