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the main products of rion inclinometer include: full temperature compensation high precision series, internet of things wireless inclination series, pure domestic high precision series, low power consumption and small volume series, etc. rion inclination is widely used in the application of measuring angle; for example: high precision laser instrument level, construction machinery equipment leveling, bridge angle and flexibility monitoring, long-distance ranging instrument, high-altitude platform safety protection, pitch angle measurement of directional satellite communication antenna, ship navigation attitude measurement, shield pipe jacking application, large dam detection, tilt monitoring of geological equipment, attitude detection of civil satellite communication vehicles, etc.
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electronic compass

rion electronic compass, also known as three-dimensional electronic compass, is small in size, high precision and good stability; main push series: hcm inclinometer surveying and mapping high precision series, dcm inclination compensation series, ddm dynamic inclination compensation series; rion electronic compass is widely used in robots , vehicle autonomous navigation, horizontal hole and vertical hole measurement, underwater exploration, aircraft navigation, equipment maintenance, navigation system, speed measurement, simulation system, gps backup, car compass, virtual reality and other fields.
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digital display inclinometer

rion digital display inclinometer, leveling inclinometer, with led display function, strong magnetic installation reference surface, portable and easy installation; widely used in industrial platform leveling, automobile four-way leveling, machine tool precision angle leveling, various brackets platform tuning is equal.
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energy power
iot gatewayiot gateway
construction machineryconstruction machinery

energy power

with the decline of conventional energy reserves and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the search and development of 'environmentally friendly new energy' has become an important theme in the world. energy security is an overall and strategic issue related to a country's economic and social development, and is crucial to the country's prosperity and development, the improvement of people's lives, and the long-term stability of society. use innovative technology and knowledge to lead the intelligent transformation of traditional energy, explore the development model of global intelligent enterprises with chinese characteristics, and firmly hold the bottom line of energy security.

iot gateway

with the policy inclination of governments around the world and the strong support and investment of enterprises in the internet of things industry, the internet of things industry has been rapidly born. according to domestic and foreign data, the internet of things has undergone great development since 1999. every industry sector.

agricultural machinery navigation

the automatic driving system is the product of the development of precision agriculture in the later stage. it was first called the "assisted driving system". it was born only to reduce the driver's fatigue and improve work efficiency. with the continuous development of precision agriculture and people's unremitting pursuit of maximizing land use and output, the requirements for straightness and accuracy of the automatic driving system have gradually increased, and it has gradually developed into the complete solution we use now.

construction machinery

construction machinery is an important part of the equipment industry. in a nutshell, the machinery and equipment necessary for comprehensive mechanized construction projects required for earthwork construction, road construction and maintenance, mobile lifting and unloading operations and various construction projects are called construction machinery. it is mainly used in national defense construction projects, transportation construction, energy industry construction and production, mining and other raw material industrial construction and production, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy construction, industrial and civil construction, urban construction, environmental protection and other fields.

about rion

rion technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of inertial navigation, ins/gps integrated navigation system and mems inclination and 3d directional compass products. the company's software and hardware research and development strong team. on the hardware side...

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