annual meeting

time flies, the stars are moving, the 2018 full of harvest is coming to an end, the 2019 full of hope and challenges is coming, and it is the big day when we rion technology get together once a year. the 2019 rion annual conference is in our cheers in the laughter, it ended successfully in our full of hope.

mr. zhang of the shenzhen head office and the leaders of the branch gave speeches. with the fruits of the bumper harvest in 2018, we set foot on the bright road of 2019.

years do not live, heaven rewards hard work!

it is you and rion who are in the same boat!

you have proven with practical actions that you can make extraordinary contributions in ordinary positions.

serious work, hard life, and crazy relaxation are the life benchmarks of rion people.

with rich bonuses, rich prizes and constant surprises, rion cares about every rion family member, seeking more welfare and more care.

hot news

congratulations to rion technology being rewarded with certificate of intellectual property management system


warm congratulations on the upgrade of r&d department


2020 shanghai bmw construction machinery exhibition, rion technology is waiting for you!

2020 rion chinese new year holiday announcement
2020-01-14 16:18:03
2018 shanghai international logistics exhibition cemat asia rion promotes the automation and intelligence of the logistics industry
2018-11-06 15:52:09
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