the 12th (2018) snec international solar photovoltaic and smart energy (shanghai) conference and exhibition kicked off on may 28, 2018 at china shanghai new international expo center for three days (2018.05.28-30) the exhibition rion technology will bring you the industry-leading solar intelligent tracking control technology. rion technology is waiting for you at the booth number: n3-800/801!

solar intelligent tracking control solution:

solar energy is a clean energy to solve the human energy crisis, and it is developing rapidly at home and abroad. how to improve the conversion efficiency of solar energy is the key to rational and large-scale application of solar energy.

the photovoltaic array automatic tracking system increases the amount of solar radiation received by the photovoltaic array by tracking the trajectory of the sun in real time, thereby increasing the power generation of the photovoltaic system. according to the statistics of on-site operation, the inclined single-axis tracking bracket can increase the power generation by more than 20% compared with the fixed bracket, and the dual-axis tracking bracket can increase the power generation by more than 25%. the automatic tracking system mainly measures the angle of photovoltaic panels, combined with astronomical algorithms, according to local longitude, latitude, and time, the program automatically calculates the sun's trajectory at any time and the azimuth and altitude of the location to achieve real-time sun tracking. the sun's rays are vertical, maximizing the reception of solar energy.

rion's photovoltaic tracking controller is completely independently developed, and has obtained a number of national patented technologies for angle tracking control. at the same time, it can be customized according to user requirements. the company's current mature application controllers are: (dc control: 1 drag 1, 1 drag 2, 1 drag 3, 1 drag 4, 1 drag 5, ac control: 1 drag 1, 1 drag 2, 1 drag 3, 1 drag 4) for users to choose.

features of solar intelligent tracking control:

★with gale protection and automatic snow removal function;

★it can be controlled in a single row to adapt to various complex terrains;

★soft limit/overcurrent/overload triple protection escort;

★the initial configuration of the mobile app is simple and efficient;

★easy to install and maintain;

★integrated anti-shadow tracking function to improve system power generation;

★ultra-low operating power consumption;

★the independent design of control and inclination angle reduces wiring and installation costs.

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