truck driving is an exhausting job, and the driver needs to keep an eye on the road while driving. falling asleep during long drives is an occasional, but often fatal condition, which is why ford has developed safecap, a cap that senses drowsiness-related head movements and uses sound, light and vibration woke the driver.

to celebrate 60 years of truck production in brazil, ford has partnered with sao paulo-based creative agency gtb to launch the safecap. they studied and mapped head movements, distinguishing between what drivers do while driving (checking the instrument panel, looking in the rearview mirror), and when they are drowsy.

there's also a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope in the device, which detects the driver's head movement throughout the drive, then uses vibrating elements and louder sounds to wake the driver up. in addition, gtb staff also explained the design of this safecap cap.

for this technology, rion technology and the auto manufacturer solution company have in-depth cooperation and development. for the intelligent six-axis sensor module independently developed due to the fatigue driving of trucks, it monitors the dynamic attitude changes of truck drivers wearing hats, and establishes a complete angle monitoring system. angle control sensors will play an important monitoring role in the application of truck fatigue driving, greatly reducing the occurrence of truck fatigue driving accidents. products with low power consumption, small size, no error rate, and embedded solutions will play a very important role in the field of safety monitoring in the future. role.

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