rion smi815/825
inclinometer monitor

inclinometer monitor

collecting inclinometer data

transmission distance: rs485: 500m

2.8 inch color display


dc 9~36v wide voltage input

wide temperature operation -25~ 80°c

aviation head plug and unplug

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product description

the smi825 inclination monitor independently developed and produced by rion technology can be matched with all our series of sensor products, including inclination sensor, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, attitude and other products for data transmission and display. the monitor adopts industrial wide temperature digital screen, with pc membrane buttons, powerful functions, can set the zero point of the sensor, can accept customer function keys, panel color, third-party sensor access collection scheme customization. the monitor adopts dc9~36v external power supply.monitor and sensor transmission can use rs485 and other ways, can be transmitted over long distances, monitor all-metal design, portable and easy to install, especially suitable for harsh industrial sites for real-time monitoring operations.

scope of application

automobile four-wheel detection

building construction

mechanical installation

piping installation

medical instruments

road slope

function description

①inclinometer interface: connect inclinometer, select the standard inclinometer resolution of 0.01, high-precision inclinometer resolution of 0.001.

②metal shell: anodized aluminum metal shell, hard and durable.

③external power supply interface: dc9~36v power supply.

④64-color display: data display area.

⑤power on and off button: power on/off button.

⑥mounting hole: two m4 screws. easy to install, convenient and fast.

⑦clear button: press the button, beep, switch the zero mode, the top of the screen shows abs as absolute zero state, rel is relative zero state..


size description

  • shell size


  • installation size


  • mounting screws

    2pcs m4 screws

specifications and software

* please contact the online sales engineer to obtain the product specification of rion, or email sales@rion-tech.net to obtain it.

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