the r&d department of rion technology co., ltd. has repeatedly checked, tested, revised, and carefully checked various indicators and parameters of the products in the specification. our company released the "2013 refine technology product selection guide" in mid-june (please click on the upper left corner of the company's homepage - 2013 specification to download), welcome new and old customers to inquire and pay attention to the latest products of our company. rion technology co., ltd. adopts advanced scientific research equipment, has cutting-edge scientific research and technological achievements in the industry and an expert group who has been engaged in research angle and attitude measurement for many years. professional to provide you with professional development and testing solutions!

hot news

rion technology provides six-axis modules for xcmg


our sca118t series products successfully passed ce certification


congratulations to rion's high-precision inclinometer application for rail inspection vehicles successfully obtained the technical appraisal and approval of the national academy of railway sciences

rion launches large range inclination for lca booms
2014-07-10 16:18:03
rion technology grandly launched ah100b attitude system
2013-03-12 16:18:03
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