the ah100b independently developed and produced by rion technology is a high-performance and low-cost ahrs (miniature attitude reference system), which can be widely used in electromechanical equipment such as model aircraft, drones, and robots that require high dynamic balance. due to the use of three-axis accelerometers and three-axis magnetic sensors to assist three-axis gyroscopes and temperature compensation algorithm technology, the product achieves excellent stability and real-time performance in all attitudes, and is widely used in various sports attitude monitoring fields. the product can not only output attitude data, but also output sensor raw data, physical quantities, quaternions, etc. by modifying system parameters; at the same time, it can also modify the system running cycle, which is convenient for various interfaces, and adopts on-chip flash iap (in application program) technology. , according to the user's needs, the user's parameters can be maintained, and it can still be remembered after the power is turned off, which is beneficial to the user's secondary development.

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2013 rion technology product selection guide released
2014-04-24 16:18:03
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