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case introduction

rion outdoor equipment monitoring and diagnosis application solution

the outdoor equipment monitoring sensor is an ultra-low power consumption, high reliability outdoor equipment sensor. low power consumption is an important indicator for internet of things applications, especially in some remote areas of alpine wilderness. occasion. refine outdoor monitoring sensor solves this pain point, reduces the power consumption of the sensor, prolongs the battery power supply time, and ensures the service life of the battery for more than 5 years. remote monitoring and setting functions are realized through nb-iot, and it is equipped with large-capacity lithium batteries and solar charging panels to achieve ultra-long standby capacity. it has the characteristics of wide coverage, multiple connections, fast speed, low cost, low power consumption, and excellent architecture. the traditional wired collection system can be changed to a wireless collection system, and the manual collection can be changed to wireless automatic collection.

centralized monitoring of multiple billboards

sensor function introduction

working mode: divided into static monitoring mode, dynamic monitoring mode, continuous monitoring mode, and sleep mode.

introduction to the platform

based on the reported monitoring data and the early warning thresholds set by the platform, the platform provides early warning information and short message warnings in real time. display each billboard in the form of bim 3d model and curve chart.

platform instructions

the data processing and storage of the platform is placed on the cloud server, and you can log in through the link. after entering the account password and logging in, the name of the billboard and the location on the map will be displayed.

fees: a cloud space service fee will be charged for expanding nodes.

implement function

the sections included are: early warning information, equipment operating status, real-time curve, weather in the landing area, sms push situation, cumulative variable curve view of a single monitoring point, and cumulative change view of the entire survey line.

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rion outdoor equipment monitoring and diagnosis application solution

scheme details