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case introduction

application of rion accelerometer in rolling quality monitoring and analysis system

importance of quality control of roller compaction

with the development of information technology, informatization and digitization have gradually penetrated the complete life cycle of project construction and operation. in recent years, the rapid development of internet of things technology and mobile technology has once again promoted the new application of high-precision measurement, positioning technology, and intelligent technology in construction process control. these innovative products provide scientific and effective means for controlling the quality of the construction process, improving work efficiency and ensuring construction safety.

rolling compaction construction is one of the main construction measures commonly used in infrastructure projects such as hydropower stations, airports, high-speed railways, and transportation, including earth-rock compaction construction and concrete rolling construction. the degree of compaction is the core index for the evaluation of rolling construction quality and results, while the thickness of the rolling layer, the number of rolling passes, and the frequency of vibration are the key control indicators for the quality control of the rolling construction process. for a long time, the traditional quality monitoring method adopts the method of "manually measuring the thickness of the rolling layer, recording the number of rolling passes, and organizing sampling to test the compaction degree after the rolling is completed", which not only has low work efficiency, but also cannot fully evaluate the rolling quality. in recent years, digital products and solutions for rolling monitoring based on gps and related sensing technology have gradually emerged, but the cost is high, and chinese enterprises do not have independent intellectual property rights in the core technology.

application of rion accelerometer in rolling quality monitoring and analysis system

rion technology's accelerometer is used to monitor the roller in the real-time monitoring and analysis system of rolling quality, and uses the vibration frequency and vibration amplitude of the accelerometer to monitor the rolling speed, speed, and exciting force of the roller in real time, and whether it vibrates according to the requirements. , whether the vibration meets the design requirements, and the exciting force of the roller at that time can also be calculated through the amplitude and vibration frequency. (the vibration frequency is the number of vibrations in a period of time, and the vibration amplitude is the maximum acceleration per unit time. the sensor is installed on the roller of the press. on the shaft, upload data in real time, provide construction guidance and early warning of abnormal information such as rolling speed and layer thickness exceeding the standard, and assist the driver in driving and control.

application picture of rion accelerometer in rolling quality monitoring example

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