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case introduction

application of inclination sensor in maglev train

a maglev train is a train propelled by magnetic levitation force (that is, magnetic attraction and repulsion). because the magnetic force of its orbit makes it suspended in the air, it does not need to touch the ground when walking, so its resistance is only the resistance of air. because magnets exist in the form of same-sex repulsion and opposite-sex attraction, maglev trains also have two corresponding forms: one is designed using the same-sex repulsion principle of magnets. the repulsive force generated between the magnetic fields formed by the coils on the track makes the car body run in suspension; the other is designed using the principle of magnet opposites attracting each other. it is installed at the bottom of the car body and the top of the inverted steering on both sides. the reaction plate and the induction steel plate are respectively set above the t-shaped guide rail and under the outrigger part to balance the repulsive force of the guide steel plate with the gravity of the vehicle, so that the vehicle body is suspended on the guide rail surface of the lane.

no matter what form of maglev train, there is a control system, which includes not only the power system, but also the protection system and so on. since maglev trains are much faster than other vehicles, safety is very important. various sensors and monitoring devices are installed on the train, among which the inclination sensor is a very important one. usually, a single-axis inclination sensor is installed in each carriage to monitor the current rolling angle of the train in real time, and pass the safety protection system. the angle signal output by the inclination sensor is analyzed in real time and displayed on the display instrument in the cab, so that the driver has a comprehensive understanding of the current left and right inclination of the train, which ensures the safety of the train during driving.

shenzhen rion technology co., ltd. is a professional company engaged in the sensor industry for many years. the inclination sensor produced by our company has been successfully applied in maglev trains. its good performance and high reliability make it an absolute occupier in this field. the advantages.

shenzhen rion technology co., ltd. is located in the charming and magical land-shenzhen. it is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration of inclination, compass and other products. the company is engaged in sensor-based market services and technical work with the basic business philosophy of specialization and marketization, including the only general agent in china of well-known european and american sensor companies, the technical development of sensor supporting solutions, and can also provide specialization according to customer needs. development and testing solutions. in order to ensure the effectiveness, standardization and process of our products and technical services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. we strictly follow the iso9000 quality assurance system to achieve strict management procedures within the company and flexible and optimized service levels on the customer side.

the company's main products include inclination sensors, digital display inclinometers, inclinometers, three-dimensional electronic compass, acceleration sensors and many other well-known foreign brand industrial products. these products are widely used in automobiles, ships, aircraft, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, textiles, railways, dam monitoring, medical equipment, oil drilling, coal mining, marine surveying, high-precision surveying and mapping and other fields. excellent partner of well-known brand companies in china.

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