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case introduction

application of refen inclination in sewer manhole cover anti-theft system

with the rapid development of urbanization, the theft of manhole covers has become an increasingly serious urban disease in urban development. manhole covers are the closures leading to the top of the entrance and exit of underground facilities. , cable television, traffic signals, fire and other public facilities need to install manhole covers. as a part of urban infrastructure, manhole covers have been stolen and damaged from time to time in recent years, which has seriously affected the travel safety, quality of life and city image of urban residents. the theft of manhole covers not only causes economic losses to the country, but also lays a hidden danger for traffic and pedestrian safety accidents. therefore, automatic and intelligent security and anti-theft monitoring is the only way to develop cities in the future.

the core of the sewer manhole cover anti-theft system adopts a vibration and angle automatic induction judgment device, and a set of automatic control judgment programs are designed. when the angle or vibration of the manhole cover exceeds our internal judgment standard, an alarm will be triggered, and then the gps information will be imported, and the information will be transmitted through gprs in time. the network is transmitted to the background, which can track the specific location where the manhole cover is stolen, and can implement real-time tracking, and can be networked with the monitoring of municipal public facilities, reminding to replace the manhole cover in time, catching the thief, and restoring the peace of the city.

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