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case introduction

application of inclination sensor in bridge pier fixing

the structure of the bridge generally includes six parts: span structure, pier and abutment, foundation, superstructure, bearing, and conical slope protection. many bridge piers are made by specialized factories and then transported to the site for construction. this is called the on-site construction method. after measuring and setting out the line, recording the value, checking the size of the cup mouth, the contact surface between the cup mouth and the prefabricated pier column should be chiseled. gross treatment, and use ink lines on the side of the prefabricated pier to pop out the center line and the elevation control line to control its position when it is in place. before the pier column is installed, it is necessary to measure and inspect the dimensions of each part of the bridge pier column to ensure that the column top elevation meets the design requirements after the pier column is installed.

when hoisting on site, use a crane to align the axis position and lower the pier column vertically into the mouth of the cup. when hoisting, the falling speed should be slowed down with manual cooperation, and wooden or rubber pads should be placed on the vulnerable parts, and the hanging lines on both sides will correct the position. tighten each side of the pier column and keep the column stable before removing the hook. in the process of placing the pier column to the designated position with a crane, there is the swing of the pier column and the inclination of the bottom of the pier column, especially when calibrating the position, which requires the crane operator to have high crane operation skills and rich experience. otherwise, the pier column may be partially damaged due to improper operation. therefore, many bridge research institutes have conducted research on this problem, and finally concluded that the use of inclination sensors can solve this problem.

the inclination sensor is simply fixed on the top of the pier column, and the accurate inclination angle of the pier can be clearly understood in real time during the lifting and transportation of the pier, which provides the crane operator with an accurate basic posture of the pier, which can be easier for the operator. therefore, the accuracy and safety of bridge pier lifting and transportation are higher, and it has now become an indispensable part of bridge construction.

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