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rion electronic compass, also known as three-dimensional electronic compass, is small in size, high precision and good stability; main push series: hcm inclinometer surveying and mapping high precision series, dcm inclination compensation series, ddm dynamic inclination compensation series; rion electronic compass is widely used in robots , vehicle autonomous navigation, horizontal hole and vertical hole measurement, underwater exploration, aircraft navigation, equipment maintenance, navigation system, speed measurement, simulation system, gps backup, car compass, virtual reality and other fields.

hca528t is a high-precision dual-axis inclination sensor, the output adopts standard industrial electrical interface 4 ~ 20ma, and can transmit long distances up to 2000 meters. the product is produced by the latest mems high technology, and the internal high-resolution differential analog-to-analog converter is used. the secondary linearity and temperature correction are carried out through the internal mcu system. the customer does not need to do the secondary linearity correction, and it also reduces environmental changes. errors caused by product accuracy.

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