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case introduction

application of inclination sensor in ship condition monitoring

a ship is a water tool used for transportation and operation. it relies on power such as manpower, sails or motors to move on the water, and is an indispensable tool in water transportation. various sensors are used on modern ships, such as: inclination sensor, acceleration sensor, vibration sensor, speed sensor, etc. these sensors can be used to measure the inclination angle, acceleration, vibration, speed and other parameters of the ship during sailing , to detect the state of the ship in motion.

the inclination sensor is generally installed on the horizontal platform of the ship deck, and is used to measure the inclination angle of the hull itself during the driving process or when the ship is docked. when the ship body exceeds 35°, there is a danger of capsizing, so the inclination angle cannot exceed 35°. when the angle of the hull is greater than 15°, an alarm signal is required, and if necessary, corresponding protective measures should be taken or the motor of the hull should be forced to stop to ensure the safe navigation of the ship, especially in the case of wind and waves. therefore, the inclination sensor has also become an indispensable measurement tool in the safe operation of ships.

the inclination sensor developed and produced by rion technology co., ltd. not only has good stability and high protection level, but also can meet the needs of the application.

shenzhen rion technology co., ltd. is located in the charming and magical land-shenzhen. it is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration of inclination, compass and other products. the company is engaged in sensor-based market services and technical work with the basic business philosophy of specialization and marketization, including the only general agent in china of well-known european and american sensor companies, the technical development of sensor supporting solutions, and can also provide specialization according to customer needs. development and testing solutions. in order to ensure the effectiveness, standardization and process of our products and technical services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. we strictly follow the iso9000 quality assurance system to achieve strict management procedures within the company and flexible and optimized service levels on the customer side.

the company's main products include inclination sensors, digital display inclinometers, inclinometers, three-dimensional electronic compass, acceleration sensors and many other well-known foreign brand industrial products. these products are widely used in automobiles, ships, aircraft, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, textiles, railways, dam monitoring, medical equipment, oil drilling, coal mining, marine surveying, high-precision surveying and mapping and other fields. excellent partner of well-known brand companies in china.

we win the support and trust of users and the society with the technical level and strong technical strength of professional services, coupled with reliable quality system guarantee and perfect service system. continue to dedicate the latest cutting-edge high-tech products to users, and tailor-made comprehensive professional application solutions for you.

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application of inclination sensor in ship condition monitoring

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