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application of rion products in ship and marine engineering

system overview:

rion technology is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of industrial-grade inclinometers and 3d compasses. the company's products have been widely used in marine ships, subways, construction machinery, railway locomotives, bridges and dams, consumer electronics, industrial equipment control, instrumentation and many other fields are playing an increasingly important and vibrant role in creating a harmonious and intelligent new life for the public. the company's comprehensive technical support also provides the most ideal solutions for the needs of your field, creating a leader in the domestic industrial sensor industry.

as a device placed on the moving object, the stable platform has the function of isolating the disturbance of the moving object. stabilized platforms are widely used in industrial control and commercial ships, such as aerial photography, shipborne satellite receiving antennas, etc. the attitude detection of the working surface or the platform on the ship, the ship-borne antenna stabilizes the platform system, and the inclination sensor will be used to read the numerical value regularly (for a long time), and after the calculation, the stable platform will be corrected. the actual movement of the platform is controlled by the external mechanical device to achieve the correction of the stable horizontal platform to ensure that it is always in a horizontal state. some inclination sensors are used as feedback elements in the hull hydraulic leveling system to provide high-precision inclination signals. it can be used for both underwater drilling and underwater mining.

in addition, in the application of the ship lift, it is the key to the safe and reliable operation of the ship lift to ensure that the force of the hoisting wire rope is balanced during the suspension and lifting of the cabin, and the cabin is basically kept level. a hydraulic equalization and leveling system is set up in the room, and key components such as inclination sensors are also used.

container spreader hydraulic automatic leveling device. the displacement detector on the spreader can measure the inclination between the upper body and the lower body of the spreader at any time, and transmit the signal to the hydraulic valve according to the ratio set by the feedback proportional regulator, so that the opening of the valve is proportional to the rotation angle. so that the liquid discharged from the hydraulic source is proportional to the size of the opening and flows into or out of the hydraulic cylinder. through the movement of the hydraulic cylinder, the carriage and the container are pushed to achieve automatic leveling.

recommended products:

rion's three-axis gyroscope (angular velocity sensor) is a micro-inertial device mainly used to measure the angular velocity of moving objects. a micromechanical sensitive element is used. according to the coriolis effect, the rotation of the input shaft of the element generates a voltage proportional to the angular rate of rotation. it uses piezoelectric quartz material to simplify the driving element, which greatly simplifies the device structure and circuit arrangement. the silicon ultra-fine precision ring sensor technology inside the product makes it have the characteristics of high performance, waterproof, anti-vibration, light weight, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc., uninterrupted in-machine self-checking technology, filtering algorithm and the first domestic use of resonance elimination technology , to solve the influence of ordinary gyroscopes on their data due to surrounding noise or vibration interference sources. refine products have introduced international temperature sensing compensation technology to solve the problem of drift due to the influence of over-temperature stability and long service life. the leading technology of similar products.

the product is cost-effective, small, and has more advantages than fiber optic gyroscopes in application fields. it has been widely used in position control and attitude control of automobiles, navigation, moving objects, and other occasions that require accurate angle measurement!

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application of rion products in ship and marine engineering

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application of inclination sensor in ship condition monitoring

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